Ilya Repin, Religious Procession in Kursk Province (1880-1883) Painting Poster

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About the Painting

Ilya Repin's Religious Procession in Kursk Province (Russian: Крестный ход в Курской губернии) is a beautiful, large-scale painting he created over 1880-1883.

In this special work, a heterogenous stream of people moves from the depths of the image directly towards the viewer. All manner of people are present, belonging to different classes and playing various social roles. Repin endows each character with subtle personalities. In doing so, Repin unfolds a wide panorama of the Russian post-reform society in all its contrasts and contradictions. He himself wrote:

"With all my insignificant strengths, I strive to personify my ideas in the truth; the life around me worries me too much, it does not give me peace, rather this life itself begs for the canvas..."

«Всеми своими ничтожными силенками я стремлюсь олицетворить мои идеи в правде; окружающая жизнь меня слишком волнует, не дает покоя, сама просится на холст…»

The painting made an unprecedented impression on contemporaries. The conservative strata of society immediately raised aggressive polemics against it. In the reactionary press, the work was criticized for unfair exposure and poisonous sarcasm. But all Repin's friends, progressive youth, students, intelligentsia and educated commoners accepted this work of art with utter delight.

Painting Details

At the front of the procession are the singers carrying a huge canopy decorated with colored ribbons from the icon with a gilded dome, in which the flame of candles flickers. Behind them is a crowd of churchmen and burghers, at the head of which two women bow in humble reverence over an empty icon case from under the miraculous icon. Further along, a red-headed priest with a censer is seen, and at some distance a local rich lady with an expression of arrogance on her face carries the miraculous icon itself. The rest of the city nobility marches alongside: a military man in uniform, a merchant with a gold chain on his belly, and high clergy.

And on both sides, this noble public is cordoned off by mounted policemen and clergymen with badges on their chest. They guard the procession from the common people - that hungry and impoverished crowd, which with sincere faith awaits mercy and miracles from the “revealed icon”. One of them, a poor young hunchback on a crutch bursts forward with an expression of spiritual detachment, but he is blocked by a stick.

Original Painting

Ilya Repin, Religious Procession in Kursk Province (1880-1883) Painting

Poster Quality

Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper. Add a wonderful accent to your room and office with these posters that are sure to brighten any environment.

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• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
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• Giclée printing quality
• Opacity: 94%

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