Whom We Beat (1939) Soviet Propaganda Poster

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About the Poster

Whom We Beat (Russian: Кого мы били) is a 1939 Soviet propaganda poster by Nikolai Dolgorukov and Viktor Deni (Николай Долгоруков, Виктор Дени). The poster subject is based on the 1935 poem of the same name by Demyan Bedny (Демьян Бедный). 

The poster shows a Red Army soldier standing strong in front of the backdrop of the Soviet Union. Speared to his bayonet are the names of prominent leaders of the White Russians that the Red Army defeated during the Russian Civil War. On the bottom right of the picture, military representatives of the axis powers, Germany, Italy, and Japan, rub their heads in confusion.  

Bedny's poem, Whom We Beat, similarly gives descriptions of the White Russian leaders.

Original Poem: Whom We Beat, Demyan Bedny


Here is Kornilov, an elite vile,
The Soviets were a stubborn enemy.
Raised a riot before October:
“We will remove all the Tips!
We will remove all the Tips,
Let's live again with the king! "
I was waiting for the weather, I met a blizzard.
In October he moved south.
Having announced on the Don,
He waged a war against us.
I got paid for this:
A Soviet grenade on the forehead.


How we smashed Krasnov!
Crushed, crushed again
And finished off b to the end, -
They didn't catch up with the scoundrel.
Running away to foreign countries
Today he writes novels
How did he live in the past
"Under the two-headed ..."
Under the Eagle.
Having scribbled a piece of the novel,
He cries by the suitcase:
"I ate a mole mu-u-undir ... sht-ny-s-s,
The galloons-s-s-s have faded ”.


Here is Denikin - also a number!
He's not dead yet,
But, hear the old man
And hitherto cracking sides.
That was something he was too zealous.
"For the fatherland, for the faith
And for the father-king "
Before Eagle shouted: "Ur-r-ry!"
Shouted to failure.
After the Eagle, he immediately became hoarse
And blew back with might and main,
Groaning: "Kar-ra-ul!"
Fought almost to Tula.
Getting, however, in the cheekbones,
After many hot baths
I rolled back to the Kuban,
Where, seizing also grief,
I rushed to the sea without looking back.
On the boat - it was good! -
I gave traction abroad.


Known for Shkuro - for atrocity - a wolf.
But, having run away from us on foot,
I traded well
Somewhere stolen silk
And soldier's tobacco.
Today he travels "across Europe"
With a small Cossack crowd
For the horse race
In the arena ... circus.


This is Mamontov-warrior,
Whose glory was twofold,
This is still the case:
General and together - a thief!
"Oh yes, oh yes ... Oh yes, hey yes!" -
He sang merrily until the "raid"
After the raid, only "oh" -
Somehow he left alive;
Suddenly he scrambled at once,
Having received either an infection,
Either there is a secret poison in a glass.
By order of Denikin
Was poisoned, they say
Because of envy eh, carve-up
Suddenly he stretched out his legs.


Admiral Kolchak, look,
How he bulged wildly.
It was joy to the enemy
See corpses in the snow
Amid the Siberian space:
The corpses of the poor peasantry
And working superfighters.
But for these dead
Kolchak received an award:
We to him, dashing bastard,
In the snow, knocking him down a snowdrift,
They also drove a bullet in the forehead.


The insurgent subduer sat down,
Murderer and destroyer
Twisted, the dog looks
Borka Annenkov, bandit.
He called himself chieftain,
He spoke with a revolver;
Drunk with an officer's anger,
Without sparing, he killed the peasants,
Killed them and tyrannized
Their brides and wives are rotten.
Much harm has been done
Where his horde passed.
From Siberia he gave traction.
We covered the poor fellow,
Gave judgment for all fault
And they put it against the wall.


Here is Semyonov, chieftain,
I also remembered my pocket.
He robbed Transbaikalia hard.
I managed to escape the canal.
He established himself in rights
On the Japanese islands.
Becoming an inveterate samurai,
Replaced "hurray" with "banzay"
And, like a true samurai,
The eye squints to the Russian edge.
He found a way to the Japanese headquarters;
“Oh, the war would be! Wow, the war would be!
Ay, hurray! Ur ... Zai! Banzai!
Hurry up! "
Statements. Letters. Meetings.
Seductive speeches!
"Ay, Soviet honey is good!"
An eye sees - a tooth is numb!


Horvath - scary, long, old
There was an ardent executioner in Siberia
And in Primorye there is a fierce beast.
Having received a jug,
This blockage - by hearsay -
"I made a statement" now.


General Yudenich the brave
He was also a bloody executioner,
He broke through to Leningrad,
To arrange a parade there:
Didn't skimp on the effects
Decorate all the avenues
On the shoulders of the lanterns
Hang the rebels.
Got it under the lower back
And Yudenich abroad
Without looking back, I pulled up,
Where thirteen years was ill
And the other day he died in Nice -
In a venereal hospital
Under a military white cry:
"The true executioner died!"


Evil executioner in Arkhangelsk,
Miller waited in the struggle for luck
I walked with the "Antanti" help
Direct road to Moscow:
"Time! Two! Time! Two!
Vir marshiren nah Moscow! "
How much was the shmerz hertz,
Or, in Russian, - heart pains:
My dear did not get to Moscow!
He got pepper from us,
I barely dragged my legs away!


There was Makhno - such a bandit.
Rest with the saints!
In our grandiose construction
He was a thrown stump.
It's so wonderful in a collective farm country
Remember him now!


Herr Baron von Wrangel. Also -
The snake is visible in the face -
There was, even though the "Russian soul"
The man is not karash!
Spoke bad Russian
And he raged immeasurably.
We, holding it in the Crimea,
They poured it hard.
Throwing the front near Perekop,
He kicked away from us at a gallop.
The baronial vile ran away.
For the Soviet beyond the cordon
This would be the current barons
Wrap yourself up!

With a smile of contempt
We remember a number of names
Whose defeated banners
After a hot fight with us
Loose remnants
Nothing will update:
Pity their shameful appearance,
How pathetic, vile breed
The rotting rabble
That rots away from us
Like a fish on the rocks.
Extremely useful species
Those who - with a craving for an evil scam,
Spitting out squirrels viciously,
Fangs sharpen against us.

Original Poster

Whom We Beat (1939) Soviet Propaganda Poster

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